Since the word healthy holds so much importance, Organisations like US Foods and Drug Administration (FDA) or back home FSSAI are charged with regulating, labeling and packing to make sure that food manufacturers don't make any misleading claims about their products. Terms like "Heart healthy", "Light", "Low sodium are already regulated and so is the term "Healthy", thankfully.  

Earlier, some nutrient-packed foods like our very own peanuts or even avocados for that matter were not allowed to be labeled as "Healthy" for a number of reasons, the strict nutrient profiles used to determine what can fall under "Healthy" and what cannot. Although these foods are high in good and unsaturated fats, were often ignored just for that fact that they contained too much of fat or too much of saturated fat or not enough other key nutrients. Good news is times are changing, thanks to ever-evolving nutrition science, organizations like FDA or FSSAI are re-evaluating their definition of healthy and making some really positive changes along the way.

Food regulators are constantly working to incorporate the latest nutrition science into their definition and we all can breathe a sigh of relief that the official definition, when translated to labeling, will indeed help us make better food choices.

 Good news is, Peanut butter is already termed as healthy (interim guidance) as a part of nutrient-packed foods and we couldn't agree more.

We at Sif Foods are constantly working toward our promise of producing All natural, sugar-free, salt-free, hydrogenated oil free and preservative free peanut butter for our Indian customers because the word Healthy is a big responsibility and we want to take it really seriously so Just Roasted peanuts folks and nothing else.

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