Hello, all the peanut loving people and more love to Sif All Natural Peanut butter filled with nutrition consumers :)

Today let us talk about various myths and Facts about our very own Peanuts.

Myth: Peanuts are not Nuts!

Technically Peanuts are legumes but hold your horses, USDA guidelines for American still classifies Peanuts and peanut butter under nuts and seeds category, which provides nutrients that are important for health. Yes Botanically, peanuts are legumes but this is also true for other nuts. Here is an example Almonds are botanical fruits of the drupe.

Myth: Peanuts make you fat.

While it is true that peanuts have fat, but it has good for your mono and polyunsaturated fats and take it from us they won't make you fat unless you decide to have a lot of peanut butter in a day. To keep it simple Peanuts fat ratio is 80% good fat and 20% bad fat.

Replace peanuts or peanut butter with snacks such as chips and you will see a significant decline in empty calorie that we all end up consuming.

Fact: Peanuts has anti-aging properties.

The skin on types contains resveratrol. This is the same compound also found in Red wine that may slow cellular aging and helps improving heart health. Roasted peanuts and boiled peanuts have been known to have decent levels of this compound.

Fact: Peanuts are good for Heart

Nut consumption has been shown in many pieces of research to lower the risk of heart-related disease and also helps in lowering diabetes risk

That's all folks